Thursday, March 7, 2013

Accepting Applications

I don't even know how to begin this post!

I am so unhappy with everything. I'm not sure if this is sheer moodiness or what, but I am not pleased. I am not pleased with anything.

I don't know, I just felt I should at least update this a bit more often than I have been.

Anyway, I am accepting applications for new toys to serve me. Above you'll see "Financial Slavery," click that and make sure to follow the instructions carefully. It'll do you well to read them thoroughly.

Or, if you're a little drive-by sluts like I know a good amount of you are, you can always simple tribute me. That's above as well.

I think in a bit I'll either do a photoshoot or make a video of me tending to my nails and feet. Perhaps.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Little Hiatus

As you can tell, I've haven't been posting here in a little while. That's because I went on a hiatus.

I was having such a headache dealing with moving, and other various things that I decided to just take some time to myself.

And my, what a lovely time off it was.

I managed to find a boy who loved feet to come and visit, and spoil me some with shopping and $500 cold cash. I had quite a fun time with all of that.

Among the many things I bought, I got these too!

Aren't these lovely? Of course they're going to be a bit taller (each stack is going to be 6 cm), but I've been hunting these for the longest and now I'll have them, thanks to the lovely boy. They weren't cheap, either! $240 including shipping and the taller platform. Ugh, I love that little foot-bitch.

As a reward for his lovely behavior and willing nature, I gave him a pair of my dirty socks, for free. And he enjoyed them greatly.

Now, which new boy shall be my new plaything and personal ATM? I'm roaring to go and have some new boys at my disposal... Especially since my birthday passed and I barely got anything.

So, little bitches, go to the Tribute page, and send me a nice Amazon giftcard, or something from Giftrocket. You know where to send it:

Make sure to also follow me on Twitter, and watch for a new video soon on YouTube, I might show off some of the tributes I've received.

Anyway, you have your orders now. Don't disappoint me, little pig.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TalkSugar Now Available

I got a TalkSugar set up for myself now, yay!

Now I can be able to fully degrade you pigs on the go as well as in the comfort of my own home.

The button to call me will be placed somewhere on the site where you can get to it...

So give me a call pig. Make me happy.

Fun to be Had with Teamviewer

Lately I've discovered the full potential of what Teamviewer can do. After having my time wasted, twice, I was a bit reluctant on trying again, especially since my time is precious...

But there was one boy who actually wanted to have his computer raped thoroughly. And my, what fun it was.

I disabled his mouse and keyboard, made him watch gay porn and jerk off to it, changed his background to a white little twink servicing two big black cocks, and dug through his email. Not to mention, I also helped myself to a $75 Amazon giftcard. Oh, and forced him to make a sign in my honor, proclaiming how much of a good bitch he is for me.

I had a thrill on Teamviewer with this one boy. And so, I may develop a Teamviewer contract to be bought if other boys would like to submit their computers, wallets and lives to me. Being techno-savvy as I am, the torment will only become more and more prominent as I install programs without your knowledge, view your activity online and even force payment!

Yes, Teamviewer is going to be my very very best friend... That and your cash you'll give me.

In other news, I've made my first audio blog. It's something that I needed to do, since so many little stupid fuckpigs cannot read unfortunately! So, you get the pleasure of hearing my deeply alluring voice, lull you into opening your wallets.

The audio post can be found here.

I've also received some very much appreciated publicity by SpoiledFemdoms. Thank you very much, Ladies.

My stupid pig stevo currently has the pleasure of writing an 5 paragraph essay on why he enjoys having me as a Goddess. Yes, I am vain, but I deserve to be. The assignment is due tomorrow, and if he doesn't do it in time, he will be taxed. He also has to give a gift tribute on Thursday. I've put in many new laws for his stupid bitchass to follow. Something to keep me entertained.

I think that's all for now. I was supposed to be picked up by one of my RT subs for dinner, but he's nowhere to be seen... That's a hefty punishment he's risking.

I think I'll just lay back in my bed, and watch for the giftcards to pour in...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now with Twitter

To reach the many piggies all over the world, I've made a Twitter. So now you can follow my everyday reign as if you were right underneath my very shoes.

Follow me, boy... @EmpressSiren

And, don't forget to give a tribute of course. Amazon giftcards make me especially happy. Send to